About our staff culture

Traders Point Christian Church has been recognized by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute as a Best Christian Workplace three years in a row. One of the reasons why we're a great place to work is because we have the best mission in the world: to remove unnecessary barriers that keep people from Jesus.

Our culture is characterized by three key attributes: humble, hungry and healthy.

We are humble – Our jobs are about making Christ known and keeping him at the center of everything we do. We are here to serve.

We are hungry – Our mission is important and urgent, and we will work hard and do our best every day.

We are healthy – We want Traders Point to be a sustainable place to work and do ministry. This means we make our relational, physical, mental, and spiritual health a priority.

At Traders Point, we realize that we will accomplish more by having the right culture than we ever will by having the right strategies. That’s why we are intentional about finding our identity in Christ and participating in self-forgetfulness, thinking of self less and others more, for the sake of the Gospel.

We seek to live and work with a fierce spiritual and professional resolve in order to become more like Christ and steward the gifts and opportunities He has given us.


Traders Point Leadership Residency

We believe churches of today should be developing more and better-equipped leaders for the churches of tomorrow. The purpose of TPCC Residency is to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and real-world application on the journey of vocational ministry.

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